Few Known Alternative Cancer Treatments

Many people, suffering from cancer, are interested in how complementary or alternative cancer treatments can help them fight the disease and improve the quality of their life.

Most of the alternative cancer treatments might not affect the cancer directly, but are extremely efficient in reducing the symptoms caused by both the cancer and its treatment. Acupuncture, hypnosis and aromatherapy has been demonstrated to relieve the nausea and vomiting, associated with chemo, and massage and acupuncture are extremely effective in alleviating the chronic pain that comes as a result of the cancer.

However, there are some alternative cancer treatments and supplements that can directly attack the cancer. The Gerson Therapy and Juicing are amongst the most popular natural cures for cancer, based on a diet, rich in organic plants, raw juices, beef liver and natural supplements. The Budgwig protocol has also been established as one of the top alternative cancer treatments in recent years. It works by replacing the processed fats and oils with unsaturated or saturated fatty acids, which promote cells rebuilt and rejuvenation. Vitamin C Chelation is another popular alternative cancer treatment – even if you’re not diagnosed with cancer, it might still be worth adding some vitamin C rich foods to your menu, as their consumption prevents cancer.

Finally, Sari AgeGard has been identified as one of the most powerful cancer supplements, based on plant stem cell extract with added Amygdalin from grape and prune seeds. The secret to the Sari AgeGard success is that it utilizes natural ingredients that can maintain the population of healthy cells by restoring the normal regenerative function of the stem cells. It has been proven effective not only for treatment of cancer, but also a wide array of chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, gout, asthma and even arthritis.

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