Cancer Cells Origin?

How Do Cancer Cells Differ From Normal Cells

cancer cellsNot many of us know how cancer cells turn into cancerous cells.  However, We all understand that our healthy cells will take time to become cancerous cells. In simple words, these pre cancer cellss slowly change in their behavior.

This is due to the damage of genes, which are responsible for taking care of cell growth, multiplication and their life span. The scary part is that these cells start growing and multiply pretty quickly in many cases.

After some times, more and more changes start to take place. These cancer cells subsequently immortal, and can protect themselves from being destroyed by our body defences, not only that they are then developing their own supply and start invading the whole body.

Many factors can affect the chances of the gene damage that may eventually lead to cancer, including cigarette smoke and other chemicals, a poor diet, ultraviolet radiation that causes sunburn, as well as some infections. Chemicals that cause cancer are called carcinogens.


The Beginning Of Cancer Cells Invading

Our body has around 100 million million cells where there are 200 different types of cell, which usually can live, grow and multiply peacefully. When will cancer start? It only takes one normal cell cancer cellsturning into cancerous cell. This cancer cell will grow and multiply speedily. This is when, the tumour start to come into existence.

There are two types of tumours : Benign tumours where the growths are localised – problems start when they put pressure on nearby tissues, such as the brain. The other tumour is the malignant tumours, they are more vicious because they will start to invade the surrounding body tissues. Some malignant tumours will also spreading throughout the body through the bloodstream: a process, which is known as metastasis.

Are Cancer Cells Inherited?

It all depends. Some may have a higher chance of inheriting genes, which are already mutated, these cells as mentioned earlier responsible for
Usually cancer is not inherited. However, some people are born with an increased risk of cancer because they inherit an altered gene important, for cell growth or for repair of damaged DNA, Scientists have already identified some of the gene alterations that predispose some people to various types of cancer, such as breast, ovarian and colon cancer.

Can Cancer Cells Be Avoided?

Of course, either by preventing it or detecting it in its early stages. You can reduce your risk of cancer by not smoking or stop smoking altogether, your alcohol intake should be cut, be at a healthy weight and eating a balanced diet, taking exercise and avoid or protect yourself from the sun.

How to Get Rid Cancer Cells Treated?

The modern medicine favorite ways of treating cancer cells are:

surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Surgery, where the surgeon takes out the tissue having the disease, this is believe to be the most effective treatment in the early stages of some types of cancer. Radiotherapy uses a beam of radiation to kill cancer cells. Doctors can do this with improved accuracy as imaging methods improve. Chemotherapy uses medicines that kill any cells that are multiplying rapidly. Body cells are also destroyed during this treatment, like other body cells like hair cells.

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